1. "@Eliot - it does sound like a bargain, but what’s an mp3? Is that the format for people who haven’t realized lossless audio is easily obtainable for a negligible price increase due to advances in cheap bandwidth and storage? “Good Enough Revolution” indeed (topic on previous Wired print issue cover), but explain this: these are the same people upgrading their 720p televisions and home theaters for the “Full HD” experience. If the fidelity of movies and tv shows is so important, why in the world would audio be any different? I’m no “audiophile” and I don’t even care to debate whether you can’t hear a difference sometimes. The fact that you can *some* of the time makes it irrelevant. The technology to widely distribute and store losslessly compressed stereo music at 44.1kHz is here and has been here for years, and nobody gives a damn. How about investigating *that* brand of cognitive dissonance?"